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We offer a comprehensive backup service that captures complete snapshots of your data using SATA/SSD disk drive.


Data Backup

Our API-based backup captures only the changes since the last backup, thereby ensuring efficient use of storage resources using SATA / SSD disk drive.

Key Features

Backup - robust snapshot

We provide a robust backup solution that captures a complete snapshot of your data.

Backup - flexibility

Meghna Cloud provides flexibility to restore your data to a specific point in time, facilitating data recovery and system rollback as needed.

Backup - safe guard

Our extensive access control and data security features safeguard your data from unauthorized access.

Backup - compitable with sata and ssd

We provide Data Backup solutions that are compatible with both SATA and SSD disk drives, providing customers with options based on their needs.

Use Case


Database and Application Backup

Meghna Cloud provides backup solutions to protect your databases and applications, ensuring data recovery from data corruption, software bugs, or user errors.


Version Control

Our backup service provides the ability to leverage the snapshot backup feature and maintain a history of their data and system states.

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Customer onboarding

Customer Onboarding

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meghna Cloud offers exciting backup solutions that enable users to create real-time backups of existing volumes and snapshots. These backups are efficiently archived using our advanced storage solutions to save costs and ensure data security.

Our backups are most secured and cost effective compared to other industry offerings.

We offer snapshot and backup using SSD and SATA technology for industry-independent applications.

Our backup solution features version control for clear distinctions between different versions. Users can utilize the backup feature to maintain a history of data and system states, particularly beneficial for developers and testers requiring seamless rollbacks to previous software or configuration versions.

We ensure both digital and physical security of client data through advanced XDR and SIEM while our data centers are physically protected by government armed guards with zero outside access.

Our backup services are highly scalable with clients being able to opt for capacity increment at any time.

Get in touch with our sales team. They will ensure your smooth onboarding on to Meghna Cloud platform.

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