Bangladesh's First Indigenously Developed

Tier-IV Cloud Data Center

Build your vision with our secured cloud computing solutions

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Fortify your data with our top of the line security.

Made by BD-100

First Tier-4 Data Center in Bangladesh.


Safely keep your data within Bangladesh


First to make NVIDIA A100 GPU generally available through cloud


Locally developed hybrid cloud in Bangladesh

Why Choose Meghna Cloud?

In today's digital age, cloud computing stands at the forefront of technological evolution, shaping the way businesses and individuals operate and interact. Amidst a landscape dotted with numerous cloud service providers, Meghna Cloud emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. A prestigious joint venture between, GenNext Technologies and BDCCL, Meghna Cloud is more than just a service – it's a commitment to excellence, a step into the future.


Secured government cloud

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Flexible, scalable & updated

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Zero capEx

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Automated platforms & functions

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Uptime & backup ensured


Accessible from anywhere

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Technology support ensured

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Customizable to your needs

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Managed services

Streamline your workflow with our advanced solutions

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Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery services ensures high-availability of applications and data following an outage.

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Security Measures

Our cloud computing environment prioritizes data security by implementing advanced security measures to safeguard your data.

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Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Our NVIDIA A100 (GPU) revolutionizes graphics-intensive workloads by providing on demand, virtualized processing power.

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High Availability

High availability architecture guarantees continuous operation and seamless failover in the event of component failure.

What we offer


Compute Service

Our compute services are designed to provide the essential computing resources required for executing a diverse range of applications, from simple web hosting to complex AI/ML processing and analytics.

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Storage Service

Our storage services offer a secure, efficient, and scalable suite of solutions to meet client's data storage and protection needs.

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Back up

Backup Service

Our backup services are designed to provide flexibility to our clients, offering a variety of deployment models to cater to diverse business needs.

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All Products and Services


Enhance your infrastructure's foundation with our comprehensive, fully managed solutions for Storage, Compute, and Backup.


Compute services

Our compute service offers versatile and robust infrastructure for diverse computing needs.


Storage services

Our storage services offer a comprehensive range, including Block Storage with Standard and High IOPS options tailored for virtual machines.

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Backup services

Our backup services provide robust solutions for disaster recovery, data protection, version control, compliance, and ransomware mitigation.


Streamline your operations with our basic application Services, featuring integrated essential applications for elevated efficiency.


Email as a Service

Our Email as a Service (EaaS) is designed to provide you with a robust, secure, and scalable email solution.

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DNS as a Service

Our robust DNS as a Service (DNSaaS) solution scales to meet individual and enterprise DNS requirements.


Database as a Service

Our database service offers a robust, scalable platform for storing and managing critical structured data, the backbone of most applications.

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Software as a Service

Our software as a service offers flexible and scalable software access through cloud hosting, eliminating the need for on-premise installations.


Our service management solutions ensure seamless operations through real-time monitoring, automated system upgrades, and efficient patch management.

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Monitor & Notify IaaS

We provide comprehensive IaaS resource monitoring, encompassing servers, storage, and networking.


System Management

Our extensive support ensures your hosting infrastructure operates on the latest and secured environment.


Our advanced application services provide comprehensive solutions for your evolving needs, encompassing Encryption, Big Data, Blockchain, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Super Computing.

Encryption Service

Encryption Service / Key Management

Our comprehensive cloud data security solution protects your sensitive data at-rest and in-transit encryption, guaranteeing confidentiality and integrity.


Big Data

Leverage our secure, scalable cloud infrastructure for data storage, analysis, and insights generation.



Our platform empowers secure and transparent building and deployment of decentralized applications.



Our Analytics as a Service (AaaS) empowers customers with immediate access to advanced data analysis tools and expertise, eliminating costly infrastructure investments.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Our platform empowers diverse AI development across various applications and needs.



Our platform provides on-demand, unparalleled computational power, empowering users to overcome complex challenges and explore new frontiers.


Our identity management services offer extensive solutions in Directory Services and Identity and Access Management, guaranteeing secure and efficient user identity and system access control.


Directory Services

Our directory services enable efficient user management, streamlined workflows, enhanced security, and scalability.


Identity and Access Management

We offer a centralized platform to manage user identities and access privileges for diverse cloud resources.


Our broad communication and collaboration suite streamlines communication with SMS, email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and workspace sharing.


SMS service

Our robust SMS service empowers businesses to elevate communication and collaboration strategies.

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Internet Gateway

Our secure and reliable Internet Gateway service facilitates smooth and controlled access to online resources for your private network.


Instant Messaging

Our real-time communication technology empowers enhanced communication and seamless collaboration.


Our Video Conferencing

Our service transcends physical barriers, enabling effortless communication and collaboration.


Workspace sharing / Online Meeting

Our extensive solution empowers teams with efficient real-time communication, document sharing, and project management, boosting overall productivity.


Our advanced infrastructure services deliver a resilient and high-performance environment.

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Leverage our CDN for faster and more reliable delivery of static content to your users worldwide, thanks to strategically cached content at distributed edge servers.


Network Peering

Our service delivers enhanced performance with lower latency, higher throughput, and improved network efficiency.

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API Gateway

Our API Gateway services elevate security, centralize management, and provide advanced monitoring and analytics.


Load Balancing

Our service is a cornerstone of robust, scalable infrastructure, guaranteeing peak performance and high availability.

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Site-to-Site VPN

We provide secure and reliable connectivity between multiple dispersed networks, forming a unified virtual network.

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Colocation Service

Our colocation service has strong redundancy to ensure maximum uptime and reliability.


Our secure and efficient payment services, featuring Payment Gateways and Wallets, optimize financial transactions for your digital ventures.

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Payment Gateway

Our secure and flexible solution streamlines online payment processing for businesses of all sizes.


Payment Wallet

Our service enables secure and convenient online transactions, powered by advanced infrastructure solutions.


Secure your infrastructure with our extensive security services, including monitoring, management and vulnerability assessment.

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Security Monitoring

Our Security Monitoring service looks for irregularities in file integrity, network activity, user behavior, and system performance.

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Security Management

We offer centralized visibility and control for managing your entire infrastructure.

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We perform tailored vulnerability evaluations and exploit testing using tools such as WAZUH and OPENVAS.

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Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

Our service leverages comprehensive security solutions to effectively detect, analyze, and respond to advanced cyber threats.

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Security Gateway/Firewall

Our robust IPtables firewall controls and filters network traffic to ensure authorized communication and protect against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

What’s New !

Email as a service (2)

Email as a Services

Our EaaS employs industry-leading collaboration suites with our custom VM and storage solution, for a personalized email experience.

DNS as a service (1)

DNS as a Services

Secure your infrastructure with our extensive security services, including monitoring, management and vulnerability assessment.

Monitoring (1)

Monitor and Notify IaaS

Our IaaS resource monitoring provides real-time visibility into server, storage, and network performance, offering comprehensive insight through continuous monitoring.

Event Highlights

Explore our cloud events and learn how the most successful organizations used Meghna Cloud to revolutionize their businesses.


“Cyber Security in Bangladesh: Role of Critical Information Infrastructure in Data Protection” -November 17, 2023

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“Cyber Security Symposium 2023”- October 28, 2023

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“Digital Transformation in Banking Technologies”- October 8, 2023

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"Digital Transformation in Banking Technologies Role of BDCCL & Meghna Cloud" - October 11, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer custom managed cloud solutions to address the unique challenges faced by diverse industries, ranging from government and private industries.

Our API connectors seamlessly integrates with your applications and workflows. Our team is available to assist with the on-boarding process.

We know security and privacy are important to you and to ensure that, we prioritize security and privacy by implementing robust measures like encryption, access controls, and industry-standard compliance.

Our Center of Excellence drives innovation and R&D through collaborations with top universities and academics. Join our dynamic ecosystem to experience the forefront of cloud technology.

With a 99.99% up-time guarantee, our exceptional cloud services ensure uninterrupted operations for your business.

We distinguish ourselves from competition through our unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and excellence supported by our Tier 4 stature.

We offer competitive pricing plans. Whether you are running big business group or a startup, you can choose a plan customized to your needs.

Our comprehensive cloud platform offers a range of services, including compute, storage, backup, and more, to cater to your diverse needs.

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